An improved online edition of the Courier at a brand new home on the Web – – was launched Aug. 21.Although the paper has had an online presence for many years, this recent upgrade makes it easier for readers to find and bookmark. It’ll enable Courier to bring readers up to speed with breaking news faster than ever before.

“The great thing about the Web,” Courier Web Editor Rocky Brown explained, “is that it allows for stories to be published as soon as they are written, so readers looking for breaking news should check the website regularly.”

The Courier is striving to make the site more user friendly, in terms of its design, navigation, and interactivity, Brown said. With a new domain name that streamlines a previous, more complicated address, Courier aims to reach out to a potentially global audience.

“In the past three weeks we have made enormous progress,” said Warren Swil, Courier faculty adviser, of the staff’s push to create the Courier’s new online home. “We have added many new features to the site, and more are in the works.”

The site is a constant work-in-progress and will evolve to accommodate both the reader and ongoing changes in journalism, he said.

One goal for the new site is to foster a greater sense of community by offering readers an opportunity to speak their minds through the use of reader polls and comment sections for each story.

“With the capability for readers to comment on stories, a spirited dialogue will be fostered about issues that are important to the campus and community,” Brown said.

The registration process is fast and simple: it requires only a screen name and valid e-mail address. A password is instantly e-mailed to the user, enabling virtually instantaneous access.

Courier readers can still pick up the print edition of the paper Thursdays at all the usual newsstands, but the online edition will complement the printed paper with speed and web exclusives.

Due to a limited amount of space, the Courier is often unable to run all the available stories in the print edition. The online edition allows Courier to add stories that might otherwise go unpublished. For the reader, this means greater coverage of campus and community news that matters.

By Tuesday, the site will contain a preview of stories being prepared for the Thursday issue.

The full stories will appear Thursday in print. Through the use of a search function, readers can use the archive to access past articles of interest.

The improvements made to the site demonstrate the paper’s commitment to electronic delivery of the news, Swil said.
“The increased emphasis on the Web reflects what’s happening in professional newspapers everywhere,” he explained.

Courier is “leading the way among California community colleges with our new online edition, and it is all created by students with tremendous motivation and increasing expertise.

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