Pasadena City Councilman Terry Tornek will again ask the city council to reconsider the zoning board’s approval of a Chick-fil-A restaurant across the street from PCC.

The council will review the company’s permit request again during a public meeting scheduled for April 7 after the Board of Zoning approved the request on March 19.

“I have asked the City Council to call up Chick-Fil-A because I am concerned about the expansion of a non-conforming use (drive-through),” Tornek said in an email.

The restaurant plans were originally approved by the city last December. However, Tornek appealed the approval and students and the administration vehemently opposed the restaurant’s proposal because of its history of supporting anti-gay groups.

Senior Vice President Robert Miller said at the March 19 public hearing that he, President Mark Rocha and other administration members had a responsibility of working within the scope of the college community, which includes many LGBT students.

Tornek said that there was a need for further discussion on the significance of expanding the drive through. Student Trustee Simon Fraser said at the time that he was “exceptionally disappointed” about the Zoning Boards decision to approve of the restaurant.

“It’s fantastic that finally, the city council will discuss it,” Fraser said. “I understand the concerns of the councilmember are not the same as mine, but that’s irrelevant. He has legitimate concerns as well. I look forward to the council meeting.”

The Zoning Board was mainly concerned with the removal of two trees on the property and expanding the current drive-thru. Zoning laws in Pasadena currently prohibit any new drive-thru being built for restaurants. Chick-fil-A applied for a permit for the expansion of the drive-thru, which was approved by the board.

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