The college will distribute a staff-wide campus climate survey on March 19 designed to measure the environment of the school’s workplace, according to college officials.

An independent company, Modern Think, who has worked with over 300 colleges in a standardized questionnaire called “Great Colleges To Work For”, will conduct the survey.

Crystal Kollross, interim director of institutional effectiveness, is working closely with Modern Think and emphasized the standardization of the survey.

“Every 300 colleges that gets the survey gets the same one,” she said. “And that’s beneficial. It gives us a benchmark to look at how do we score compared to other colleges. I like something to benchmark ourselves against.”

According to the Modern Think survey website,, over 45,000 employees in colleges across the country have already taken the standardized survey.

Modern Think also conducted the 2011 campus climate survey on campus, according to Kollross.

However, according to some faculty members, such as ESL instructor and member of the Academic Senate survey committee Melissa Michelson, the survey should have staff involvement.

“How come we were not asked to work on questions for the survey?” she asked. “[Faculty was given] no input to decide which questions to gather [for the upcoming survey]. That would have been a place where we could have collaborated.”

Kollross explained that the administration had no involvement other than changing the name of the survey and adjusting employee demographics.

“I find that to be very very interesting. It’s not like I was involved,” Kollross said. “It’s a standard survey that’s administered so it’s not like I in any way was able to modify the questions.”

Kollross described many questions on the survey as “hard hitting,” and ranging on topics such as leadership efficiency, overall satisfaction in the workplace environment, and satisfaction of employee benefits.

The administration plans to have Modern Think present the results of the survey after it is completed to give feedback and analytics regarding the data.

“This is will be beneficial, because it’s an independent source,” Kollross said.

Surveys go out March 19 and can be filled out until April 4, according to Kollross.

3 Replies to “College to distribute campus climate survey”

  1. How much money is going out the door to fund this deal?
    There’s already a “Climate” survey out there, and a president’s evaluation underway. This is quite a duplication of effort.
    Well, at least we’ll find out which college has the easiest parking, the nicest snack bar, the best views? I hope we get the “Best Coffee Houses!”

  2. The survey that Modern Think conducted in 2011 was called an “Insight Survey” and the standardized questions on it are the same ones given to all the schools that participate:
    The results get compared to other colleges and it’s a contest as to which school is a “great college to work for.”

    The questions on the Campus Climate survey that IPRO and Crystal Kollross did four years ago (in collaboration with shared governance groups??) are completely different, measures the climate at PCC and is more fine tuned and more relevant to climate at PCC. It is from this one that some of the Academic Senate’s Town Hall survey were inspired:

    I wonder what title the PCC administration will choose for the March 19 survey…

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