A lawsuit alleging breach of contract and negligence related to the bribery scandal that rocked the campus in June has been filed in Superior Court against the Pasadena Area Community College District, the Board of Trustees and numerous other defendants.

Gail Cooper, the school’s general counsel, said the District could not respond to questions, but did confirm that it will respond to the lawsuit.

The suit was filed by LED Global, a firm that lost a $5-million contract to install lighting on campus.

The ‘negligence’ part of the lawsuit centers around the idea that the Board of Trustees did not properly supervise ex-Vice President of Administrative Services Richard van Pelt, and former Facilities Supervisor Alfred Hutchings who were fired in June after the school found out they were being investigated by the District Attorney’s office for ‘conflicts of interest’.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit, LED Global, has also filed a suit against van Pelt and Hutchings, which claims the two men had solicited bribes in exchange for the awarding of contracts.

“Defendants had merely become a ‘rubber stamp’ for Hutchings or van Pelt,” the lawsuit against the school claims. “A contract agreed to by Hutchings and van Pelt was effective upon their agreement, regardless of whether Defendants, or any of them, had officially taken their action as the ‘rubber stamp.’”

Another development revealed in the lawsuit against the school is that LED Global names itself as the whistleblower that prompted the District Attorney’s investigation into van Pelt and Hutchings.­­

In addition to the negligence grievance, the lawsuit also repeats many of the allegations outlined in the initial lawsuit against van Pelt and Hutchings.

These include the reneged contract, or, ‘purchase order’ of $5 million, and the condition that van Pelt and Hutchings have an all-expenses-paid Mumbai excursion which they claim was for a factory site visit.

“Defendants, by and through van Pelt and Hutchings, then promised that Pasadena City College would enter into a contract with plaintiff LED Global for the provision of LED lighting on campus of Pasadena City College so long as Plaintiff met two conditions,” the lawsuit reads. The conditions included the factory site visit, and the inclusion of an attorney who never actually made it to Mumbai.

While LED Global didn’t specifically detail the amount they’re pursuing in the lawsuit, they are hinting that they are looking for the initial ‘purchase order’ amount of $5 million. “Injustice can only be avoided in this matter by enforcement of the promises made by PCC and PACCD.”

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  1. LED Global corp is a scam and I would not believe anything they say. They have junk products and entrapped these poor guys who lost their jobs. Just look up LED Global Corp on Ripoffreport.com to see what their former employees have to say about them.

  2. The college is clearly at fault for allowing rogue administrators to run the place. Taxpayers should be outraged!
    Howard Jarvis is turning over in his grave.

    1. Robert Das and Saila Smith are notorious SCAM Artists from NYC who made their move to LA in 2011. They have a history of offering luxurious incentives in order to close a deal and when the deal doesn’t close they become incredibly vindictive and go as far as lying to the District Attorney and filing false charges.

      The District Attorney is investigating the couple and I am sure they will be paying for this quite soon.

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