Violent and drug crimes are on a steady decline on campus according to the Annual Campus Safety Report.

The Annual Campus Safety Report is an annual recording of crimes and violations on or near college campuses, under the 1990 Clery Act.

Colleges and universities are required to publish their Campus Safety Reports by Oct. 1 of each year, which details crime statistics for the previous three years in order to continue to participate in federal student aid programs.

The law is named after Jeanne Clery, a freshman at Lehigh University who was murdered on campus in 1986.

According to the report, there was one instance of aggravated assault on PCC’s main campus in 2012.

There were five reported vehicle thefts in 2012, which is down from 8 in 2011.

PCC Police Chief Don Yoder cites surveillance cameras as well as increased patrols as some of the reasons that crime on campus is in decline.

“We’ve tried to get back to the basics, you see more foot patrols versus driving the parking lots, so more of a community oriented policing feeling. We’re trying to get students, faculty and staff educated how to protect themselves and not be a victim.”

There was one reported forcible sex offense, which is down from 2011, when there were two.

Drug law violations, which were the most reported incidents, were at 19, which declined from 25 in 2011, and liquor law violations were a seven in 2012, which is a decline from 11 the previous year.

“This is really Dr. Rocha’s big push for campus safety and wanting to make this one of the safest community college campuses, and that support is why you’re seeing a lot less crime on campus.”

Many students feel that campus police is doing a great job protecting PCC.

“I haven’t ever seen anything on campus that would make me feel unsafe,” said cosmetology major Alexandra Magana.

“Although I don’t feel as safe at night because the campus is pretty empty,” she said.

Alicia Cowans says that the presence of law enforcement puts them at ease while on campus.

“I see cadets and police patrolling often, so I feel pretty safe when I’m here,” she said.

Not all students are confident with the efforts of campus police.

“Sometimes campus police gets called and it takes them a half hour to show up,” says Carlos Reyes, geology major.

“I wonder sometimes if they’re too busy writing tickets or if they really care about the wellbeing of the students,” he said.

The 2013 Campus safety report can be viewed at

4 Replies to “Campus Safe, According to Report”

  1. I totally agree with the findings of this campus safety report ! I feel entirely safe on our campus and would recommend PCC as a place to study over any other community college. I once instructed at another LA County college where a feeling of well-being did not exist.

    PCC simply has the most friendly and polite security people I have ever encountered. One dark night, after teaching my yoga class, a nice security guy in a shiney black Charger gave me a ride to my car and even invited me to dinner.

    Keep up the good work !!!


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