Two hundred high school students from the Pasadena Unified School District gathered on Friday for the 22nd annual African American High School Conference at PCC. This was a free event sponsored by PCC to promote positive development and appreciation to higher education. The event was for the African American youth in the city of Pasadena and the surrounding communities.The conference took place in the Creveling Lounge where local High School students gathered to converse and explore college topics, such as money and finance to plan parenthood.

Students were given the opportunity to listen to Paul Price, an associate professor from the Social Sciences Department, on opportunities it has to offer students.

The theme for this year AAHSC was the power of peer mentorship.

“This program allows the students to work together to explore subjects they might not understand completely and to educate them for college life and throughout their future endeavors,” said Marilyn Johnson of the Natural Science Department.

“We as PCC teachers from all different departments here on campus hope traditional programs like these can teach students to understand that there are so many choices, and since most of us have never been given a road map for this, this is why this conference is so important to our youth,” said Johnson.

Students were given a tour of PCC and the different departments that might become useful to them, should they decide to attend.

Workshops were also given on how to be more effective in creative writing, money 101, peer scavenger hunt, (students working together to pick out their top college choices) and plan parenthood.

The PCC staff and volunteers are very proud of this event and hope more young students have the access and will to become motivated and do great things in their lifetime, said Johnson.

PCC Ujima member Jasmine Jones explaining the event schedule to high school students during the African- American High School Conference in the Creveling Lounge. (Brian Warouw)

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