The school will begin a national search by hiring a headhunting firm to find a permanent superintendent, according to Board President Anthony Fellow.

“The first phase is [usually] to obtain the services of a firm that specializes in college presidencies,” Fellow wrote in an email. “The agency then works with the board in shaping the job description and placement of the advertisement.”

The Board of Trustees voted to approve the search process at its Saturday retreat at the Conference Center. Fellow said that the hiring committee, which consists of Fellow, Linda Wah and Berlinda Brown, would obtain a list from human resources and either use that list, discuss other agencies, or go through a bidding process.

In an email sent out to the PCC staff, the district said that it “hopes” to have a person in place by July 30, 2015. However, Fellow said that it’s not a hard deadline.

“If we are able to get a great pool,” Fellow said. “Which I am sure PCC will, and complete the interview and selection process, there is no reason why it can’t be accomplished.”

Interim Superintendent Robert Miller threw his name in the hat, saying that he will be applying for the position.

“As of [now,]” Miller said. “It is my intent to apply.”

Although the Board has not discussed it yet, Fellow said that in his opinion, the next president of the school should have tremendous leadership skills and be someone who is “innovative and dynamic.”

“[They should also] have a sense of community needs and be a person who believes the students come first,” Fellow said. “Someone with strong administrative leadership experience in an academic setting also would be great.”

He said that another plus would be someone who had a strong academic record in teaching and research.

Academic Senate President Eduardo Cairo said that the senate would like to see a president who truly understood the needs of the faculty, staff and students and would put the needs of those three groups together.

“The next president should believe in shared governance,” Cairo said. “Not simply in terms of just reviewing our recommendations, but that the participatory governance that exists will be taken seriously.”

3 Replies to “Board to search for permanent president”

  1. Dear Board Members:
    Those of you who voted for Rocha or his predecessor are asked to kindly remove yourselves from the selection process. PCC can’t afford a third strike.

  2. It is absolutely illegal that “The Board of Trustees voted to approve the search process at its Saturday retreat…”
    The BOT is not allowed to do business at secret or closed meetings. That is a breathtakingly clear violation of the Brown Act. It is shameful that the Board continues to believe that it is above the law, or somehow “forgot” the very foundational structure of public bodies.

  3. I hope the BOT takes a nice, long look back at the last two hiring processes. It sounds like they’d like to rush it again; look where that got us before.

    So, dear BOT, please:
    Take your time in the hiring process. Let’s not rush into this.
    Do not pick a finalist who isn’t even in your top three candidates.
    Do not pick a candidate that all other stake-holders on campus tell you is unsuitable/defective. It’s not a matter of being adversarial for the sake of being adversarial; the last two office-holders truly were unsuitable/defective.

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