• Six instructors will be hired to start in the Fall.
  • A new director of student equity will be hired to start on June 26. The position is new.
  • Digital Networks Group, Inc. was awarded nearly $120K for “Smart Room Technology Upgrades” in rooms C161, C265, C312, D303, R220, R222, R224, and R226. They were the only bidder.
  • The Board is reopening bids for CEC elevator upgrades because no bids were submitted in the time period. New contractors were found and the bidding will be reopened.
  • The college will receive $311,343 per year for Grant 1, and $257,500 per year for Grant 2, over five years. Both are from the Dept of Education and will serve over 130 students from local high schools.
  • The District is updating their facility rental rates which have not been changed since 1993. Its projected the change will result in a 50 percent increase in rental revenue.
  • The Board approves $1000 for professional development activities for instructors using Open Education Resources.
  • $300K approved for professional development activities relating to student equity programs.
  • $4.5 M in transfers from Unrestricted General Fund and Contingencies Fund to PERS/STRS, Workers Comp, Supplemental Health, Capital Outlay, and Capital Servicing Funds.

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