The college plans to improve student access in Spring 2013 according to officials at the Jan. 16 Board of Trustees meeting, in co-ordinance with the Board’s goal of enrollment management.

With the passage of Proposition 30, approximately $4.4 million plans to be used to add more student access, according to officials.

“This is going to be great. This is why I became a member of the Board, to add more seats for students,” said Board President John Martin at a Dec. Board meeting.

Director of Institutional Effectiveness Crystal Kollross explained that college would be offering late start core courses starting this week online. The courses being added include English 1A, geography 1, political science 1, among other high-demand transfer courses, according to the Enrollment Management’s report presented at the Board meeting.

“There are open seats available in English 1A right now,” Kollross said.

PCC President Mark Rocha felt confident in the increase of student access. “25 months ago we presented [the Board] with the Educational Master plan which [was] approved …

We’ve made great progress since then,” he said.

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