Sept. 15:
A cadet reported an intoxicated man inside the GM Building watching the football game without paying. Campus police responded and discovered bottles of alcohol inside the man’s bag. The man was not affiliated with the campus and was cited for possession of alcohol and escorted off the premises.

Sept. 17:
A staff member requested the removal of a student due to anger management issues. Chief Stanton Perez and a fellow officer met with the staff member and after the dean spoke with the student and explained the removal, the student was escorted off campus, driven to the Metro station and was given money to purchase a Metro ticket home.

Sept. 17:
A staff member reported a vending machine outside V-105 had been vandalized. The glass protecting the snacks was shattered. Facilities workers cleaned the surrounding broken glass and installed a plywood panel to the face of the vending machine and contacted the vending machine’s owner.

Sept. 18:
A student reported a man walking around the C Building, looking at women with his hands down his pants, possibly pleasuring himself. Campus police responded but were unable to locate the man.

Sept. 18:
A staff member reported a girl vomiting in the library. An officer made contact with the girl and discovered that she was a 14-year-old runaway from a group home. The girl admitted that she smoked methamphetamine three days earlier. Rosemary’s Child Services, a group home, was contacted and a representative took the girl into custody.

Sept. 19:
A student witnessed his bicycle being stolen. An officer responded, gave chase, and captured two suspects near the corner of Del Mar Avenue and Allen Avenue. While searching one of the suspects, the officer discovered what appeared to be the butt of a 9mm handgun in the waistband of the suspect’s pants. The handgun turned out to be a replica. One of the suspects was booked for the attempted theft of the bicycle. The other was booked for attempted theft of a bicycle, a minor in possession of alcohol, and possession of a replica weapon.

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