Monday, March 14:

A female student was transferred to the Student Health Services after reports of her being passed out, a laptop was stolen from the library, and a man was reported running up and down the stairwell of the R building, possibly under the influence. He was combative during arrest and was transported to Pasadena Police Department.

Tuesday, March 15:

An unknown vehicle caused damage to the safety pole near the W building gate arm, a non-staff member was found conducting a private training session with 4 individuals in the football field, and a man was reported making possible threats, but Campus Police were unable to locate him.

A man was reported wearing only pink underwear near the Galloway Plaza. Officer Robins advised it was for an art project.

Wednesday, March 16:

A woman was found in the women’s locker room where is was suspected of being in the building overnight, as the building was secured. She was checked for warrants with negative results.

A female pushed ceiling tiles out of place with a cane, an man was found kicking a bathroom door, thinking the door was locked when the door was unlocked, and a woman in the psychological service office requested help to self-admit. Officer Robins transported her to Huntington Memorial Hospital (HMH).

Thursday, March 17:

The facilities supervisor reported a transient sleeping on the second floor hallway of the V building where the building had not been properly secured.

A woman was found crying on second floor of the V building where an officer responded and discovered that she had twisted her ankle.

A baby was reported left unattended in a vehicle, however the baby was found in the vehicle with its mother.

Campus police received multiple calls reporting a woman having a seizure with multiple locations given, which led to area checks of two different locations in attempt to locate her. The seizure victim was found inside the W building, where the Pasadena Fire Department was then contacted and she was transported to HMH.

Friday, March 18:

A transient was reported sleeping on the second floor of the IT building. Officer Chan conducted an area check of the second and first floor, but was unable to locate the transient.

Saturday, March 19:

The child development center alarm was activated, but the area was checked and found to be clear and a transient was reported sleeping outside the bathroom inside the GM building.

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