Monday, April 27

A female used the emergency call box located at Lot 1 to report that a man was following her. Officer assisted her and searched the area. They were unable to locate the suspect.

A subject inside a parked vehicle in Lot 10 was escorted off-campus.

An area check of the southeast side of Science Village was requested due to possible encampment. Officers conducted an area check with negative results.

A transient sleeping south of the D-building was escorted off-campus.

Tuesday, April 28

A transient was escorted off-campus from the Science Village area.

Wednesday, April 29

No incidents were reported on this date.

Thursday, April 30

A transient lying down in Lot 7 was reported. Officers asked the subject to leave and the transient complied.

A facility member reported a transient at the FS-building. The subject was asked to leave and he complied. The same transient was later found at the D-114. He was arrested by the Pasadena Police Department for burglary.

A transient was reported trying to gain access to IT-215. Officers conducted an area check but were unable to find the subject.

Officers escorted off-campus a transient from Lot 4 level 2.

A transient at the stairwell of CA-building was escorted off-campus.

The Pasadena Police Department received a report of a male subject masturbating on the north side of campus. Officers conducted an area check throughout campus with negative results. Officers determined that the subject was a female transient and it was off-campus.

Friday, May 1

Campus officers reported 4-6 transients throwing objects at one another at the Green St. and Hill Ave. intersection. The Pasadena Police responded to the scene. The police officers cleared the area.

Saturday, May 2

A transient at the Science Village area was escorted off-campus.

A skateboard violation was reported. Officers escorted the skateboarders off-campus.

Sunday, May 3

Transients at the Lot 10 storage bin area were escorted off-campus.

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