Monday, May 25

No activity reported.

Tuesday, May 26

No activity reported

Wednesday, May 27

Dispatch observed a male transient looking through cardboard boxes near the campus hazmat office and possibly taking items out. Officer made contact with the subject and escorted him off campus.

Thursday, May 28

Pasadena Police requested assistance with a large tree branch blocking a lane at Del Mar and Sierra Bonita. Area coned off. Message was left for facilities to remove tree branches.

Cadet reports a female transient in Lot 1 yelling and throwing her personal items on the ground.

Contact made with subject.

Pasadena Police advising a subject was stabbed near the campus. The suspect was seen entering PCC property from Green and Hill St. Door to door notifications were made to staff on campus to shelter in place. Area check conducted for the suspect on and around the campus. Pasadena Police located the suspect off campus.

Facilities reporting a male was pulling on door handles in Science Village. Officers made contact with the subject and escorted him off campus.

Vehicle entered a closed parking lot. Subject escorted off campus.

Friday, May 29

No activity reported

Saturday, May 30

No activity reported

Sunday, May 31

Dispatch observed two subjects loitering east of the CA-bldg. Subjects appeared to be writing on the south walls of the Box Office. Officer made contact with the subjects and determined there was no vandalism. Subjects were escorted off campus.

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