Tuesday, April 19

A student was unable to locate their parked car in Lot 5 Level 4 on Tuesday evening. The police took a stolen vehicle report.

A student from the Rosemead campus complained of stomach pain and requested an ambulance for treatment & transport to the hospital. LA County Fire Department transported the student to the local hospital.

PCC staff reported a subject yelling inside a phone booth of the C building 2nd floor. Police officers contacted the subject and left the campus immediately.

A transient attempted to enter the main building at the Rosemead campus. Police were unable to locate the transient upon arrival.

A staff member advised of a subject yelling profanities at her from the west side of the Quad. Police escorted the yelling transient off-campus.

A transient was reported yelling profanities & being disruptive towards the dean in room C-121. The subject was given a verbal stay-away order and transported off-campus.

Wednesday, April 20

A transient was found sleeping in the SW corner of Lot 4 Level 1 and escorted off-campus.

The disruptive, profane subject from C-121 returned to C-223 but was not aggressive. The transient left before police arrival.

Thursday, April 21

A staff member stated that while he was moving equipment and operating a forklift in Lot 7, an unknown staff member spat at him. The reporting staff member did not wish to prosecute but only wanted documentation of the incident.

A skateboarder was observed in Lot 4 Level 1 and asked to leave the premises. The skater complied and left campus.

Friday, April 22

Staff advised facilities that there was a momentary power outage at the Rosemead campus.

Staff reported a student entering classroom CA-134 yelling & refusing to leave, but the subject left before police arrival.

Several transients were escorted off-campus by police after they were found inside the GM Building men’s locker room. Officers escorted the subjects off-campus.

Saturday, April 23

Facilities were advised that the men’s restroom at the Lancer’s Pass had been damaged & trash was scattered through the area.

2 subjects were found watching tv on Lot 4 Level 5, and they were asked to leave the campus by police.

Sunday, April 2

No activity to report.

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