Monday, March 23:

Two people were trespassing and playing with remote controlled cars in Lot 5.

Cadet reported a transient in the Mirror Pools. 

Tuesday, March 24:

Skateboard violation in Lot 7, skateboarders were escorted off campus. 

Three males attempted to use a parked golf cart in Lot 5, level 1. Subjects were seen leaving the campus with lightbulbs that are suspected campus property.

Fire alarm activated in Science Village; Officer inspected the area with no sign of fire.

Wednesday, March 25: 

Trespassers escorted off campus by Officers; west side of the IT-building.

Transients escorted off campus from Mirror Pools.

Alarm activation at the Bookstore loading dock; was checked—all clear.

Thursday, March 26:

Staff reported a PCC student saw another student holding firearms on the Internet. No crime at this time. 

Friday, March 27: 

Transient escorted off campus from Science Village.

Transient seen setting up camp north of the V building; was escorted off. 

Facilities reported a person smoking in Lot 4. Person was escorted off campus. 

 Saturday, March 28: 

No incidents reported on this day

Sunday, March 29:

No incidents reported on this day.

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