From the Campus Police blotter through Oct. 27:

Monday, Oct. 21

A medical assistant reported a male student having a seizure and bleeding from his nose in SV-1. The student was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

A report for disturbing the peace was made when 10-12 students were involved in a politically motivated argument by the mirror pools. The students were counseled.

Another disturbing the peace report came from Lot 3 for a student’s ex-boyfriend would not let her leave in her vehicle. Both students were separated and counseled.

A suspicious person call occurred for R218 when the dean of languages reported a man entered the classroom, faced the wall, moved his arms around, and did not speak. Officers were called. They discovered the man suffers from a disability, and they resolved the incident.

An anonymous online tip was received for possible female solicitors near the C building claiming a religious purpose called a “Project for God.” There will be a follow-up investigation.


Tuesday, Oct. 22

A transient was found sleeping near the D building elevator. He was escorted off-campus.

There was a car collision in Lot 3; no injuries were reported. The cars blocked traffic, but were moved shortly after the incident.

In Lot 4 level 1, two transients were reported arguing. They were thought to be a couple and were advised to leave campus; they complied.


Wednesday, Oct. 23

An incident report requesting extra patrol during class hours was received from Annex 2. A heated argument between a faculty member and a student occurred about China’s Economic Status. The student became hostile, left the room and returned to argue.

A minor traffic collision occurred in Lot 5 level 4D. One party did not have insurance, but both exchanged information.

A suspicious male was reported approaching students near Lancer Pass asking miscellaneous questions. When the officer made contact, he said he was a music producer asking questions.

Sunglasses were reported stolen from a vehicle on Lot 5 level 5. A student reported Rayban sunglasses stolen from his vehicle. The student left his vehicle unlocked while in class and later found his car ransacked, and Rayban glasses missing.

A possible hit and run was reported in Lot 5 level 3. The officer was notified while on Bonnie Avenue and made contact with the second party involved.


Thursday, Oct. 24

Staff requested the removal of a student who was disruptive in CEC-228. The student was escorted out of the classroom and a misconduct form has been filed against him.

Two suspicious males were seen attempting to cut the chain on a bicycle south of the C building. One subject was arrested for a weapons charge near Lot 6. He was transported to the Pasadena jail.

An attempted bicycle theft was reported by a victim near the C building.

Staff reported a man had fallen near the IT building’s first floor. He was bleeding, unconscious and was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment.

At the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Rosemead Boulevard, a Middle Eastern male subject in Lexus was reportedly masturbating while next to a students’ vehicle.

Staff reported a disheveled male student near W building with what appeared to be a gun. When investigated, the student did not have a gun, only an item that appeared to look like a gun. An officer spoke to the student who advised he did not have a weapon.


Friday, Oct. 25

A student reported that she was sexually harassed near the Java Hut. Officers planned to follow up on the allegations and investigate.

A male subject was seen attempting to open vehicles in Lot 1. He was shaking and grabbing door handles. The subject was contacted and taken to Pasadena Jail for trespassing.

A female student near CA-304 needed medical attention under unknown circumstances. She was suffering from abdominal pain was transported to the health center for treatment.


Saturday, Oct. 26

A missing person report was made by a female subject to advise her husband with dementia had gone missing. He was last seen on campus near the Quad. He was later located in the Creveling Lounge.


Sunday, Oct. 27

A volunteer from the Alzheimers Walk reported a Hispanic male adult who had exposed himself to a group of volunteers near the mirror pools. The subject was contacted, but noncompliant. He was taken to Pasadena Jail for ID booking.

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