Monday, Feb. 10:

A computer lab personnel requested campus security due to a suspicious person wearing a black face mask and behaving erratically. The subject was pacing back and forth in the area but did not sign in to use the facilities. The subject had left the area by the time officers arrived and was seen headed north to Colorado Boulevard and Harkness Avenue.

A student reported a female transient who pulled her hair when she was walking on Colorado Boulevard north of PCC.

A cadet at PCC’s Community Education Center advised that they smelled smoke or something burning inside the building. The inside and outside were checked with negative results.

Tuesday, Feb. 11:

A PCC employee was battered by a female transient while having lunch at the El Pollo Loco north of PCC’s main campus. The transient exposed herself then proceeded to punch and threaten the PCC staff member. The transient was gone by the time officers arrived on scene.

An anonymous caller reported two subjects who were possibly engaging in lewd conduct inside a vehicle in Lot 3 at PCC’s main campus. Officers confronted the subjects and released them.

Wednesday, Feb. 12:

PCC Staff reported that there were two people smoking at Robinson Stadium. An officer responded but did not find smokers. However, an officer did escort one person out of the stadium.

A fire alarm in the Science Village went off. Campus Police responded to the scene and reset the alarm.

There were reports of a male transient yelling in Lot 1 at PCC’s main campus. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the subject.

Thursday, Feb. 13:

A male attempted to enter the C building and U building when a facilities supervisor informed Campus Police. An officer made contact with the subject north of the C building and escorted him off campus.

A transient was escorted off of the Bentel parking lot, which is located south of the Rosemead campus.

A student bank worker reported that a subject attempted to cash two fraudulent checks.

A student reported a male in a vehicle on Bonnie Avenue who was asking multiple women if they needed a ride. Officers made contact with the subject who said he was an Uber driver. The driver was told the area he was in wasn’t a pick up zone and was asked to leave.

A student reported an old classmate is continuously sending him unwanted text messages.

Friday, Feb. 14:

No calls to report.

Saturday, Feb. 15:

A person reported a male who appeared to be under the influence in Lot 4 at PCC’s main campus. Officers made contact with the subject off campus. When the subject was questioned and investigated, it was found that the subject had two outstanding warrants.

Sunday, Feb. 16:

No calls to report.

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