PCC Police blotter for Oct. 19 – Oct. 25

PCC Police Blotter for October 19 to October 25.


Monday, October 19

Two transients were reported on campus, one sleeping on the east side of the GM building and the other loitering on the second floor of the IT building. Both of them were escorted off campus.

Police received a phone call from a payphone in Lot 8. The subject said “spiders were crawling on him” and campus police called an ambulance per his request. The patient was taken to the hospital.


Tuesday, October 20

A PCC student contacted campus police saying that they were being harassed by a classmate. A report was taken.

A staff member reported that a suspicious male was following her around campus. When officers and cadets came to help, they could not find the man and the employee was safe.


Wednesday, October 21

A suspicious looking vehicle was reported on campus by facility staff. When the officers arrived they made contact and advised them to leave.

Two transients were found loitering on the north side of the CC building. They were escorted off campus.


Thursday, October 22

Two transients were spotted camping on the south side of PCC’s Rosemead Campus. When police tried to make contact with them, they were unable to locate them.

One transient escorted off PCC’s main campus from Lot 5.


Friday, October 23

Two facility employees reported that they had been minorly injured while working. One cut their finger accidentally and one got a foreign object in their eye. Both of them are okay now.

A group of skateboarders was reported on the first level of Lot 4. Campus police officers escorted them off campus.


Saturday, October 24

A suspicious looking subject was seen on security cameras trying to get into the IT building by pulling on the locked doors. An officer approached her and she stated that she was lost. They escorted her off campus safely.


Sunday, October 25

Nothing to report.


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