Monday, March 2:

Facilities reported a suspicious male walking near the Child Development Center. The suspect was seen observing the center as he walked around the area. An officer conducted an area check for the subject, though the subject was unable to be located.

An officer observed a suspicious vehicle with one subject inside parked in Lot 10 and made contact. The subject was asked to leave the area.

A transient was reported bathing inside of the men’s restroom at the Community Education Center. An officer responded but was unable to locate the transient.

PCC staff asked to speak to an officer after a student was observed performing an obscene gesture.

A male and female were reported arguing near the Harbeson Hall restrooms. The subjects were later contacted, and the male subject was cited.

A female reported that she was being followed around campus by a classmate.

A suspicious male was reported for casing vehicles in level 2 of Lot 4. An officer responded and attempted to make contact with the subject in level 2 of Lot 4. The male subject attempted to flee, and officers engaged in a brief pursuit. The male subject was later detained at Bonnie Ave. east of Lot 7. The male was then transported to the Pasadena Police Jail for booking.

Tuesday, March 3:

Staff members reported that a subject poured water on a PCC tutor.

A student reported that his electrical scooter was tampered with while it was parked south of the D building.

A hit and run was reported

A Cadet advised a known transient at the Community Education Center. An officer responded but the subject was gone when the officer arrived.

Wednesday, March 4:

A mother of a PCC student stated that her daughter has not arrived home and has requested officer assistance in locating her. During the phone call, the mother informed the officer that her daughter arrived home.

Officer dispatch observed a suspicious vehicle circling various parking lots on campus. The vehicle’s registration was checked and belongs to a PCC inspector.

A subject was reported defecating near a vehicle in Lot 5. An officer responded to the location and determined there was no evidence of the incident.

A student reported that his items were stolen from a locker inside the W-building.

A student stated that they wanted to harm themselves was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

A hit and run was reported.

A male reported that he was driving and being followed by someone he did not know. Officer dispatch advised the male to drive into a parking lot on campus and the officers would meet him there to assist with the following. The officers made contact with both parties. The subject following the driver mistook him for someone he was supposed to meet with.

Thursday, March 5:

A person reported two transient males showering inside of the men’s locker room of the W-building.

A hit and run was reported.

A hit and run was reported.

A Cadet reported a male who may have been attempting to steal a bicycle from the annex area. Officers made contact with the subject and confirmed that the subject was not attempting to steal anything. The officers conducted a warrant check. The subject already had a warrant from Pasadena Police.

A female was reported unable to feel her legs and was conscious and breathing. The paramedics were contacted and the female was evaluated on the scene. The female was not transported to the hospital.

An incident involving damage to district property was reported.

An officer assisted two parties with exchanging information after a traffic collision.

Friday, March 6:

A male was reported skating erratically in level 5 of Lot 4. An officer responded and conducted an area check with negative results.

Personal counseling contacted Campus Police advising that they had a student who was expressing suicidal thoughts. The student was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Facilities reported that two subjects had been seen sleeping inside the GM-building. An officer made contact with the subjects and advised them to leave the area.

A Cadet reported a male inside of the female locker room on the W-building. Officers responded to the W-bldg and made contact with a female inside. There was no evidence of any crime.

Saturday, March 7:

A person reported observing a male who was attempting to open classrooms on the 5th floor of the R-building. An officer made contact with the subject and advised him to leave the area.

A hit and run was reported.

Sunday, March 8:

No incidents were reported for this date.

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