From the Campus Police blotter for the period ending Nov. 3, 2019:

Monday, Oct. 28

A student reported that another female student was either feeling unwell or under the influence in a bathroom stall.

A student with a heart condition fainted in the Science Village. The Pasadena Fire Department responded and transported the student to Arcadia Methodist Hospital.

Staff reported a male wearing dirty clothes was yelling at students near the mirror pools. The male left campus eastbound on Colorado Blvd.

A student reported her phone, left in the L building women’s restroom, was gone when she returned.


Tuesday, Oct. 29

Staff reported a male transient in the W building locker area was taking a shower and making students feel uncomfortable. The transient was issued a verbal stay away order.

A counselor advised that a student requested transport to Huntington Memorial Hospital for voluntary admission.

A student reported being harassed while sitting in his vehicle in lot 5 by a female not known to him. The suspect wore a pink dress and yellow gloves. The subject was found, escorted off campus and was issued a verbal stay away order.

A student reported a male lying on the ground in Lot 7 near a bicycle. The subject was a transient sleeping between parked vehicles.

A counselor reported a male student yelling outside of her office while she was conducting counseling sessions with students. The student in question was contacted, and was said to have been rehearsing for a play.

A student reported a dog locked inside a vehicle in lot 5 on Sept. 7 and Oct. 24.

The library staff reported a that a staff member felt uncomfortable during a meeting with a student.


Wednesday, Oct. 30

A student reported that her phone was left in the CC building women’s restroom, and was gone when she returned to retrieve it.

Reports were received of a student that fell down the D building’s south stairs. The student declined an ambulance, but was taken to the health center.

Staff reported three males smoking on the stadium bleachers. Two students were cited, and one non-student was issued a verbal stay away order.

A student reported her vehicle was struck in lot 5.

Through an anonymous online tip, a student reported cult-like behavior. The suspects were not found and no such behavior was observed on campus. The student reported being concerned about “Mother of God” group activity on campus. The campus community was made aware by an emailed safety alert from Campus Police.

Staff reported via secondhand info that a male in his 40’s and wearing a baseball cap was harassing students for money. No individual matching the description was found in the area.

Witnesses reported a vehicle collision in Lot D at the CEC. No injuries were reported, and the parties exchanged information.


Thursday, Oct. 31

The alarm company reported an alarm activation in the PCC Bookstore loading dock area. No sign of activity was found in the dock area or inside of the bookstore.

Students reported a male with a beard and wearing dark clothing was near the D building, asking for student ID to be on campus.

An officer contacted an individual smoking near the U building.

A student reported being followed around campus by “Mother of God” religious group members.

Staff reported skateboarders with makeshift ramps near the Jameson Amphitheater. The subjects were advised to leave, but they relocated to Lot 6. Police then escorted the subjects off campus.

Shatford Library staff reported a male and female with odor of alcohol attempting to check out books, and then falling to the ground.


Friday, Nov. 1

Facilities staff reported three suspicious males in dark clothing near an open door to the Little Theater in the C building. An officer made contact and confirmed the situation was OK.

The alarm company advised of an activation in the Bookstore loading dock area. There was no sign of activity in the area.

Facilities staff reported a male in a camo pattern sweater joyriding in a facilities cart. The cart was found unoccupied west of the C building. In a check of the area, the subject was not found.

Reports were received of two male transients in the GM building men’s locker room. One subject was cited for an outstanding warrant in Glendale. The second subject was transported to Pasadena PD jail for multiple outstanding warrants in Glendale as well.

Reports were made of a fire alarm activation in the B and CC buildings. No smoke or fire was observed, and the alarms were reset.

Facilities reported a male with a possible alcoholic beverage by the mirror pools. Officer made contact with the subject and concluded the beverage was sparkling water.


Saturday, Nov. 2

Security cameras near the IT building restroom observed a suspicious person wearing dark clothing.


Sunday, Nov. 3

Pasadena Police advised that a female requested an ambulance in lot 5 for a male who was feeling faint. The male was treated and cleared by paramedics at the scene, and no medical transportation was required.

A suspicious male was observed north of the PCC Bookstore. An officer issued a verbal stay away order.

A report was received for a possibly missing during flea market hours. According to the report, the child was last seen in Lot 5. The child was found on level 3.

On campus property, a subject was loitering north of the mirror pools picking roses. An officer issued the subject a verbal stay away order.

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