Monday, August 29

A minor traffic collision occurred at the intersection of Hill Ave and Del Mar Blvd. Both parties were uninjured.

A student was reported being unable to move due to back pain in the Gymnasium. Police and paramedics were dispatched to the location. The paramedics transported the student to the hospital.

A male student was reported having a seizure on the first floor of the Bookstore by staff. The student said to police that he did not have a seizure, refused medical attention, and left for class.

Staff reported a man loitering around the R building who was attempting to contact a female student who did not want contact with him. An officer was dispatched to the building and the man had left before their arrival. The female student was escorted to Lot 8 by the officer and picked up by a family member.

Tuesday, August 30

A person was reported to be sleeping near the Circadian by staff. An officer was dispatched and contacted the person who identified themselves as a student.

A staff member was escorted to the Health Center by police after possible heatstroke.

Facilities staff requested a report for items missing due to the clearing of unassigned lockers during the relocation of their staff lockers. An officer said that they would talk to the Facilities supervisor about the removal of said items.

Pasadena Police Department Dispatch advised campus police that a student was in a traffic collision on campus and needed assistance in Lot 5 on the Level 2 ramp. The two parties involved were uninjured.

A student left information with campus police regarding a parked vehicle in Lot 5 that they collided with.

A transient was escorted from the north side of the D building off campus by police.

Wednesday, August 31

A male transient was reported inside the Piazza tossing trash can lids by Facilities staff. An officer was dispatched and escorted the transient off campus.

A man carrying a large sword north of the L building was arrested by police.

A man was reported inside the Library using binoculars to look out towards Colorado Blvd. The person identified himself as a student and said that he was looking at the mountains to police.

Thursday, September 1

A transient was reported to be harassing staff as they walked by the grass area in Lot 1. Police escorted the transient off of campus.

Facilities staff reported three transients setting up tents in Lot 11. Police escorted the transients off campus.

A student was reported suffering a seizure in the L building by staff. Paramedics transported the student to the hospital.

Health Center staff reported that a student had fainted and was unconscious in the R building. An officer was dispatched, and the student was conscious and breathing upon arrival. The student was escorted to Personal Counseling by the officer.

A man was reported to be urinating and vomiting north of the library by staff. Police were dispatched, and he was gone upon arrival.

Friday, September 2

A student reported being frauded to police.

An unauthorized vendor was escorted out of the Stadium by police.

A man was reported being aggressive and bothering staff in Lot 11 by Child Development Center staff. The man was then escorted off campus by police.

A transient was escorted from Lot 1 off campus by police.

Saturday, September 3

A man was reported talking loudly and disturbing students in the Library by staff. The man was escorted from the Library off campus by police.

Transients loitering north of the Library were escorted off campus by police.

Sunday, September 4

A transient was escorted from the west side of the D building off campus by police.

A trashcan fire in Lot 5 Level 4 was reported to police. An officer was dispatched and extinguished the fire.

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