Monday August 24

Someone called the Pasadena PD with an anonymous tip of a suspicious vehicle in one of the Pasadena City College parking lots parked with their doors open. A PPD officer investigated the parking lots and all of the video surveillance cameras were checked. No vehicles were found parked in any of the parking spaces by the officer or found on video.

Around 9 pm, two transients were found to be bathing in the 2nd floor hallway of the IT Building. Facilities staff made the report and the transients were escorted off campus.

Tuesday August 25

Facilities reported a burglary at 8:51 am in the U building. Several items were reported to be taken but no specific items were listed in the report.

Wednesday August 26

A transient was spotted by facilities at 7:06 am sleeping in Science Village and was escorted off campus.

A few people were found by facilities to be rollerblading and jumping off rails on the West U building. They were advised to leave campus and compiled.

Thursday August 27

A transient was observed who was hanging around in Lot 5. The transient was advised to leave campus and complied.

A staff member made a report of a transient yelling and following her from the shuttle stop to the C building. The subject was advised to leave campus and compiled.

Friday August 28

No activities reported

Saturday August 29

At 7:46 am there were reports of a fire alarm ringing on the south east side of campus. An officer had located an alarm in Science Village that was reset and there was no evidence of fire.

At 9:15 am a transient was observed in lot 5 was asked to leave. The subject complied.

Sunday August 30th

A transient was seen loitering between the U and UU buildings and was escorted off campus.

A report was made about water leaking out of a room south of the Aquatic Center due to flooding. Facilities were notified and a Plummer was contacted to assist.

At 10:03 pm, a transient was observed loitering in Science Village and was asked to leave campus. The subject complied.

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