Monday, August 17

An officer responded to an elevator call. A person was stuck in an elevator in Lot 5 on the north side of campus. The officer requested the Pasadena Fire Department to assist with getting the man out of there. The subject was released from the elevator without further incidents.

Tuesday, August 18

No activity was reported.

Wednesday, August 19

An officer escorted two transients off campus from the Boone sculpture garden.

Thursday, August 20

A pedestrian contacted an officer and reported that he was struck by an unknown male with a skateboard while he was riding his bicycle near the Mirror Pools. A report was taken.

Friday, August 21

An officer advised that he was escorting a transient off campus from the Science Village area.

An officer made a report of a transient walking in the south east stairwell of the R-building. The officer contacted the subject and escorted him off campus.

Staff reported that a female subject was inside of a vehicle on Lot 4, at level 3. An officer escorted her off campus.

Staff reported a suspicious vehicle entering Lot 4 and parking on level 5. Five people were in the car. An officer escorted them off campus.

Saturday, August 22

Surveillance observed a transient on Lot 5. The officer escorted the subject off campus.

An officer escorted a transient off campus from the north side of the C-building.

An officer made contact with a suspect from a previous call. The subject was transported to the Pasadena jail.

Sunday, August 23

The Pasadena police reported a female who appeared to be in distress while she was calling them from the payphone in Lot 8. An officer made contact with the subject who is a known transient. The woman was okay. No police or medical assistance were needed. The officer suggested that she left the area.

An officer reported that a large tree branch fell at Colorado Blvd and Bonnie Avenue, Pasadena works were contacted and the branch was removed.

An officer escorted two transients out of the Aquatic center and off campus.


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