Monday, Nov. 7

A facilities custodian reported hearing someone trying the door handles on the east side of the CEC building. An officer checked the area and the subject was gone upon arrival.

A staff member requested a homeless man be removed at the IT building’s second floor restroom. The subject was described is a white male adult wearing a beanie. An officer advised him to leave and he complied.

A vehicle struck a pedestrian at Lot 4, Level 2. The Pasadena Fire Department transported them to a hospital.

A verbal dispute between an instructor and a student occurred at the Community Education Center (CEC) room 227. The instructor wanted the student to leave because they had not been paying attention in class all week.The student was advised to leave and complied.

A woman was suffering from an unknown multiple sclerosis related condition at the CEC room 130. The Pasadena Fire Department attempted to assist the student, but she refused to be transported to the hospital.

The Pasadena Police Department reported an assault occurring north of the Mirror Pools. A male subject pulled a female off of a skateboard and then left the area in a van. The officer reported that both the victim and the suspect are actually familiar with each other.

Students contacted campus police, concerned for their instructor’s health. They advised that the instructor appeared to be confused and disoriented. A cadet checked with the instructor at R-309 and the instructor reported that he was okay. The wife of the instructor returned a call to dispatch, worried due to receiving a call from him stating that he thinks his vehicle was vandalized and was unable to contact him via cell phone. The Instructor was later located in Lot 1, his keys and cell phone locked inside his vehicle and him appearing very disoriented. His wife indicated that he may have had a low blood sugar incident and would be sending a family member to come pick him up. His belongings were actually locked in another staff member’s vehicle. Dispatch notified the other staff member to respond to her vehicle so the instructor could retrieve his belongings. The granddaughter of the instructor arrived and took him home.

An adult woman in her 40s refused to show her ID to the shuttle driver at Lot 7. The same subject has been causing verbal disputes with other shuttle drivers. The subject was verified to be a student, was counseled and released.

Tuesday, Nov. 8

Second party information to a staff member reported that a student was injuring himself at CEC room 115. The Instructor went to the student’s location but when dispatch checked on the student, he happened to be fine.

A hit and run occurred in Lot 5, Level 2. An officer took a report.

Thurs, Nov. 10

A student complained of dehydration at the tennis courts and requested transport to the Health Center. A cadet later advised that the student was unconscious and unresponsive. The Pasadena Fire Department proceeded to be enroute for treatment. The student refused further medical treatment and a transport to a hospital.

A mother of a student reported that her daughter was sexually assaulted off campus by two PCC students on Oct. 31. The daughter did not wish to return to class or report the incident to campus police. The information has been logged.

Friday Nov. 11

The Pasadena Police Department  advised that a light pole was on fire at Marion/Colorado. The Pasadena Fire Department was notified to respond and determined that a fluorescent light bulb had overheated.

Saturday, Nov. 12

A student in the quad fainted but later regained consciousness, began breathing again and was taken home.

A student at the northwest corner of the IT building suffered from a diabetic incident. The parents were notified and the student was taken home.

A student reported that her locker was broken into and her belongings were stolen from the women’s locker room at the W building.

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