From the PCC Campus Police blotter through Oct. 6, 2019:

Monday, Sept. 30

A 20 year old female student fainted from an anxiety attack in a stairwell of the CA building’s east side..

Tuesday, Oct. 1

A power outage affected the east side of PCC’s main campus.

A staff member requested transport to the Health Center after reporting leg cramps.

A staff member reported that a student fell and bled from her mouth and nose.

In a hit and run from lot 5, a witness reported seeing a green vehicle hit another car.

A student reported leaving her phone in a restroom. The phone’s location tracker showed it moving off campus.

A student reported that his vehicle’s bumper was possibly hit in lot 10.

A student’s phone was reported stolen in women’s locker room in GM building.

Campus police will forward a report to the Altadena sheriff after a student reported a sexual battery incident that occurred in Altadena.

One student reported harassment by another student.

A potential solicitation in writing for a lewd act in men’s restroom was reported by another male in an adjacent stall.

Wednesday, Oct. 2

A student reported that her phone was stolen from the second floor women’s restroom in the V building.

A female was taken to Pasadena Police Department after throwing paperwork at staff members then walking around campus, shoving and punching people.

Officers responded to a male displaying odd behavior and directing unwanted attention toward female students.

A student reported her water bottle was stolen while left unattended outside Campus Center’s second floor women’s restroom.

Thursday, Oct. 3

Vandalism was reported in bathroom walls on the fifth floor of R building. No additional details were provided.

A staff member’s unleashed dog bit another dog which was leashed. The unleashed dog had reportedly been seen previously on several occasions wandering with no leash; the staff member was advised to keep their dog on a leash.

A skateboarder was arrested for an outstanding warrant. There was a second skateboarder who was cited for a skateboard violation.

A female reported that a male exposed his genitals to her in the southeast side of Shatford Library.

A transient was reported sleeping on the quad area after campus hours.

Friday, Oct. 4

Officers responded to a driver Bonnie Avenue and cited them for blocking traffic.

Reports were made of possible transient washing clothes in the C building’s second floor men’s restroom.

Officers stopped a pedestrian for an arrest warrant.

Another report was made of a male student soliciting another male for a lewd act in handwriting through a bathroom stall. The suspect was detained and advised to not return to PCC until meeting with the Dean of Student Life.

Saturday, Oct. 5

A transient was found sleeping with their pants down at the CEC campus.

Staff reported that a non-student male had a hot pot set up and cooked a meal in front of the CA building.

Sunday, Oct. 6

A female customer reportedly stole diamond earrings from a PCC flea market vendor.

Flea market staff reported a transient known for theft was loitering near vendors.

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