Monday, Aug. 19

A male subject called from a callbox to report that his head was bleeding after he hit it on a doorway in the W building. The subject was treated by the Pasadena Fire Department and released. The subject is a known transient with a prior head injury.

Staff reported a female yelling “help me” and banging on a door adjacent to C229. She self identified as a former student, performing for an audition reel. The subject was escorted from the premises and informed of the disturbance she was causing.

Tuesday, Aug. 20

A female student left her wedding rings on the sink of the second floor women’s restroom in the C building, and left the area. When she returned for the rings, they were missing.

A female student’s various identifications were removed from her unattended wallet /backpack in the Annex bungalows. A report was filed so that the student could replace her green card.

A transient was laying down, covered in trash and food, at the northeast corner of the L building. The subject was escorted off campus.

A phone was possibly stolen from the men’s locker room in the GM building.

Wednesday, Aug. 21

A transient was reported residing in a tent in Lot A for the past two days. The camp was to be cleared away if no one is observed in the area.

A vendor driving a U-haul truck backed up into a light pole west of the W building, damaging the pole in the process. No one was injured.

A suspect was reported attempting to break into a parking machine located in Lot 5 with a possible cutting tool.

A bald Asian adult male with possible mental illness was escorted from the Creveling Lounge after making the Board of Trustees feel uncomfortable.

Thursday, Aug. 22

A power outage occurred for approximately one hour, affecting Lot 5 and the Science Village. Pasadena Water and Power advised they were working on the power grid at Colorado Blvd. and Bonnie Ave.

A transient encampment was discovered in the CEC’s Lot A. The transient was advised to leave the area.

Friday August Aug. 23

A 40 year old female staff member fell south of the ITS building and complained of head pain. She was evaluated by paramedics and transported to a hospital for further treatment.

A transient was escorted off campus after riding a bicycle through the first floor of the C building.

A transient was found unconscious on the west side of the E building after being observed drinking a beer earlier in the day. The subject vomited before losing consciousness. The subject also had a warrant from the San Gabriel PD and was cited for that warrant.

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