Monday, October 30

Facilities reported a black male sleeping on the floor in the C-building on the 4th floor and was advised to leave.

A suspicious white male was being observed while exiting the men’s locker room in the GM-building.

Two suspicious subjects were escorted off campus after being seen between the U and UU buildings.

A 23 year old student was transported to a hospital after having a seizure near the Bonnie structure on campus.

A microwave was reported to be on fire in the Piazza after a student tried heating up food with foil attached.

A student’s bicycle was stolen from the bike racks on the west side of the L-building.

Tuesday, October 31

Student reported his classmate for disturbing the peace after a meltdown during an exam in the R-building.

A male white subject was escorted off campus after reported to be showering in the men’s locker room in the W-building.

Staff reported two male subjects in a dispute outside the Lancer Pantry.

Female student reported she slipped and fell in the GM-building.

Female student reported to a staff member that she was being followed around campus.

Hit and run reported.

CEC staff member reported to have found used syringes on the floor near Bungalow 11 and threw them away.

A student refused to leave an office in the D-building.

A subject was seen to be handing out dollar bills to students in the Quad but never found.

Graffiti was seen in the IT-building elevator.

Wednesday, November 1

A subject hit two parked cars in Lot 4 level 1E.

A group of five crowded a car that was revving their engine for 30 minutes in Lot 4 level 2 and was told to leave.

Hit and run reported in Lot 4 level 3.

A group of subjects found walking on a rope that was tied to trees near the E-building.

Staff reported a subject “camping” near C-building.

Thursday, November 2

A male subject was reported stalking a female on social media.

Two females were seen fighting on the west side of the mirror pools.

A male subject was seen to be pushing against walls and talking to himself on the 2nd floor of the C-building but was never found.

A black Toyota Camry was heard to be revving their engine in Lot 5 level 4D.

A female’s service animal was attacked twice the day before by another student’s emotional support animal.

A six inch knife was confiscated from a male subject.

A strange squirrel was seen to be chasing students between the CC and L-building.

Two subjects were escorted from the Circadian and off campus.

Friday, November 03

Student bank reported fraudulent checks.

Saturday, November 04

A male subject was seen smoking marijuana by the mirror pools.

Suspicious subjects seen running up and down the steps between the U and UU-building who may have been involved with drugs.

A male subject verbally harassed females on the color guard team.

A bicycle was stolen from the racks between the CC and L-building.

20 people were seen to be fighting under the bleachers in the stadium.

Sunday, November 05

A male subject fled the scene after seen yelling around the mirror pools.

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