Monday, September 25

Student reported harassment from a former high school classmates who attends PCC.

Student reported a hit and run incident while parked in Lot 4 level 2.
A male student was transported to medical assistance for treatment after complaining of stomach pains in the CA-building during a music lab.

A suspicious person dressed up as The Joker harassed students near the the Mirror Pools area.

Tuesday, September 26

Student reported a hit and run incident of his vehicle parked in lot 3.

Verbal disturbance in the Piazza, from a male transient.

Female student reported she saw a male in his early 20’s taking upskirt photos near the Piazza area, and in other multiple locations on campus.

The reporting party reports there was a male carrying a pink bag and pink umbrella inside the women’s restrooms in the CEC Campus gathering towels. When he was caught, he left the area and made his way into the Staff Lot A.

Wednesday, September 27

A report was submitted about a suspicious circumstance that occurred September 21. As a  female student walked to her car in Lot 5 level 2D, a male followed and attempted to open her passenger door, after failing he shouted something at her when she sped off.

A female student reported as she was walking west of the GM building she was approached by a deaf male who gave her a note that asked if she would like to perform a sexual actions on him.

Staff member of C-109 reports one of their students for sending threatening emails to him and another classmate. Suspect is willing to take legal actions toward staff member.

After staff members addressed a subject disturbing the peace in the VRC building, he became angry and threatened students.

A female swim student reports she felt uncomfortable after she decided to meet with a fellow swim classmate. He placed his hand on her knee, and asked her to engage in a $75.00 bet.

Female transient enters the L-113 building and causes disturbances. Subject was escorted off campus.

A male student reported being a victim of theft, while he showered in the GM- building men’s locker room. There were no witnesses or suspects.

Staff member reported a female adult with dreadlocks who was sleeping on a bench in the first floor of the CA- building. Subject was escorted out.

Thursday, September 28

Staff requested help after a deaf student became aggressive in class. Student was escorted out, and advised he will be dropped from class due to breaking Conduct Code Violations.

Student reported a male in the Piazza causing disturbances, by yelling and pointing at students. Subject was escorted out.  

Friday, September 29

Staff members near the bungalow 8 at CEC, reported a loitering male with a shopping cart. Subject was intersected in Staff Lot A, and issued a stay away order.

Facilities staff reported theft  of two jackets from their cleaning cart, who was in the hallway near CEC- 202.

Report of a male in pain inside the second floor men’s restroom of the C-building. Victim claims that another subject threw an unknown liquid in his face. Victims was transported to the hospital.

Reporting party requested help from an officer regarding criminal threats received by email.

Report of a male student and another student bumping into each other, one of them got a deep cut in the eyebrow.

Report of a transient in the Sculpture Garden area. Was contacted and escorted out.

Saturday, September 30

Report of a transient found sleeping north of the IT- building. Was contacted and escorted out.

Sunday, October 1

A Flea Market vendor reported a theft in Lot 3. Suspect took items, and didn’t give a full payment.  

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