Monday, September 18

A student reported her car was involved in an accident in Lot 5 level 4 but did not receive information from the other party.

A female student reported she was touched inappropriately by a male on a bike in Lot 4

A second female student reported that she was touched inappropriately by a male riding a red bike in Lot 4 Level 1.

A third female victim reported that she was sexually assaulted in the R-Building.

A fourth female victim reported that a male grabbed her while walking on campus

A student reported that his bike was stolen off the bike racks south of D-Building during the afternoon hours.

Tuesday, September 19

Faculty reported damage to a water valve.

PCC Staff requested an investigation after concern arises over a male subject who takes photos of students from behind without their permission.

A student was transported to Huntington Memorial hospital after experiencing chest pains.

A student reported damage to his vehicle while parked in Lot 4 Level 2.

Wednesday, September 20

A student reported that her ex-friend harassed her verbally in an aggressive manner in the C-Building. A group of people were yelling at the victim. A student who tried to strike the victim was held back by other students.

A black female transient was at the Admissions and Records office in the L-Building using a computer. Officers escorted her off campus by request of the Records Staff.

A student reported damage to their vehicle bumper and passenger side in a hit and run in Lot 5 Level 4 around noon.

A student suffered an asthma attack in C-333. Student felt better after walking out of class.

Thursday, September 21

A report was taken after a witness saw a male subject key a car. A note was left on the car advising the owner to file a report with campus police.

A female student complained about her knees hurting and being unable to walk in GM-104. The student was transported to the hospital for treatment.

PCC Campus Police were informed of a sexual assault that occurred on campus. The suspect grabbed student’s breast in class. The student requested an escort to class.

A student dispute turned physical after a female scratched her ex-boyfriend on the arm and tore his shirt.

A female was struck by a vehicle in Lot 4 Level 1E. She suffered injuries to her leg and rib cage wand was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Friday, September 22

A bike was stolen from the south side of the L-Building area.

Another bike was stolen south of the D-Building.

A sexual battery report was handled by Detective Chan.

Saturday, September 23

No activities were reported for this period.

Sunday, September 24

No activities were reported for this period.

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