Monday, Nov. 28

An instructor reported a student having difficulty breathing and losing consciousness due to becoming upset over someone touching his gloves. He was then treated by psychological services.

A staff member reported a homeless man in the GM building, who was later found trying to sleep in the CA building.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

A student reported a non-injury traffic collision in Lot 4, level 3D.

A man was sitting near the IT Building welding shop drinking a beer and was asked to leave.

A man refused to return a computer at the Community Education Center (CEC), resisted arrest and was taken to the Pasadena Police Department Jail.

A male student lost consciousness.

A non-injury accident occurred at Green St. and Hill. One party refused to give out insurance information and left.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

A male student reported that a homeless man was in the GM building Men’s Locker Room watching him take a shower. The homeless man was escorted out.

A staff member had her iPad stolen from the CEC building in room 105D.

A student had his bicycle stolen from the north side of the CEC building.

Two male students were caught in a bathroom stall in the CC Building looking at a vape pen.

Thursday, Dec. 1

An instructor had difficulty trying to remove an intoxicated student from their classroom. Another classmate took the intoxicated student home.

A student used multiple fake IDs to check out library laptops.

Friday, Dec. 2

There was a power outage throughout campus, and the reason is still undetermined.

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