The PCC women’s badminton team continued their undefeated run, beating El Camino College Compton Center on Friday at the Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium. The Lancers defeated the under-manned Tartars squad that had only three players available at match time.

The win pushes the Lancers overall record to 9-0 with only four games left in the regular season.

Sophomore Jewy Liang is confident about finishing the season strong.

“Everyone is really hard working and we all train in the off season so we’re very prepared,” said Liang

“We have some tough opponents but if everyone keeps playing well we should get through it with no problems,” she said.

PCC’s number one Amy Ly defeated Katya Marquez in straight sets 21-11, and 21-7.

Ly also dominated Gladys Salez in straight sets 21-3 and 21-4.

The one bright spot for Compton was when they defeated PCC in a doubles match as the Tartars’ Salez and Marquez defeated the Lancers’ Jewy Liang and Jessica Nguyen-Le in three sets 21-9, 11-21 and 14-21.

Since the Lancers have already clinched the division championship, they took the opportunity to start different players.

“It’s going really well right now. Coach is giving everyone a chance to play,” said freshman Gina Ngo.

Ngo credits great leadership as the reason the Lancers have started so well.

“Our coach and our team captain deserve most of the credit. No matter what, we’ll always keep pushing ourselves to play at our best,” she said.

There are four games remaining before the start of the Southern California Championship, which begins May 4.

“Everyone on the team is really close and it has really shown this season,” said sophomore Thoa Huynh.

“The coaches have been giving us really good feedback, so we should do really well,” she said.

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