PCC instructor Simona Supekar had her article about how she uses online resources to cope with a rare disease called idiopathic angioedema published in The Atlantic magazine.Atlantic2_Martinez_02062014

Supekar has idiopathic angioedema, which literally means “unknown swelling.” The condition is caused when the body builds up too much histamine.

“Essentially it’s like I’m constantly…having an allergic attack,” Supekar said.

While this was not the first time she has been published, it is the first article where she talks about her disease.

“I am a writer by profession, so when this happened it was very natural for me to write about it,” Supekar said. “[It was] sort of as a form of therapy.”

Another related form of therapy for her is teaching.

“Teaching is a great way to stay mentally active,” she said. “I like being around young people. They have a lot of energy. They’re enthusiastic about things.”
And the enthusiasm that Supekar brings to writing shows in her students. Ejmin Hakobian, finance, said that English was his least favorite subject until he took Supekar’s class.
“Writing essays always felt like a torture to me. I never liked being ordered by the instructor to write about hideous subjects,” Hakobian said. “Taking her class changed all of that because she gave me a chance to write about the issues that I felt passionate about. She [taught] me to express my ideas clearly and back them up with facts and reason.”


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