The Associated Students attended the 33rd Annual Student Leadership Conference last weekend to sharpen their networking, communication and goal-setting skills.

The conference was put on by the California Community College Student Affairs Association, which has been around for more than 60 years as the professional association that focuses on networking, student and professional development, and advocating for the field of Student Affairs and Student Leadership within the California Community College system, according to their website.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Lights, Camera … Take Action: Taking a leading Role in Leadership & Advocacy on Your Campus.” From October 17 to 19 AS joined the 110 other community colleges in Northern and Southern California for a weekend near LAX. Approximately 500 student leaders and advisors came together for a day full day of constructive leadership workshops.

Saturday was an eventful day that was divided into four different workshop sessions with eight different areas of focus. Each student was required to go to four different workshops but are encouraged to go to more.

“It was all about networking with others,” said Alfonso Mares, the AS vice president of internal affairs.

There was a t-shirt exchange allowing the students to network by chatting up others and see the various differences between the committees all across California.

“It was interesting to see how the student bodies from different schools are run. For example, our committee has vice presidents, other schools have executives or administrators,” said Mares.

Emily Samvalian, the vice president for business affairs wanted to see more workshops that veered towards her responsibilities for ASPCC.

“I would have liked to see more workshops on budgeting and financing, it was a little concerning,” said Samvalian.

The CCCSAA’s main goal is to enhance student leadership skills and develop new ones that will aid them in their futures while simultaneously taking these skills and putting them towards successfully serving PCC’s community of students.

“It’s never bad to learn more, [the conference] was certainly helpful,” said Samvalian.

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