• Financial Aid Director Manuel Cerda gave a presentation on BankMobile as a new way students will be receiving their financial aid grant as well as their refund.
  • Outgoing president Julia Russo goes over the results of a student survey that was emailed to students during this semester – 24,616 total. Only 1,220 students filled it out (5%).
    • +49% Students will benefit from an increased amount of water filters on campus.
    • +39% of students would like for the library hours to stay open later
    • +61% of students do have internet access off campus
    • +51%f of students will benefit from using a resource center or a liaison dedicated to undocumented immigrants; 49% wont.
    • +58% of students have never experienced problems with discrimination on campus
    • +30% of students occasionally have problems with purchasing required textbooks
    • +32% of students spend more than $250 on textbooks per semester
    • +75% of students have not dropped a class due to cost of textbooks
    • +50% of students doesn’t use public transportation (600 people)
    • +47% of students doesn’t use public transportation, while +18% thinks that spending between $76-100 on a bus pass is too much
    • +90% of students still haven’t heard of the Open Educational Resources (OER) program
    • +93% of students have used textbooks from the OER program
  • VP Cultural Diversity Kiely Lam wanting the budget for the Drag Show that happened on June 2, 2017 to be ratified, increasing the budget by $161.37. Approved.
  • VP Campus Activities Norman Lambert wanting the budget for AS Movie Nights Budget to be ratified by increasing the budget by $548.00. Approved.

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