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Blake Geffen, philosophy, 23, records the answers given by Associated Student Board regarding the new trimester calendar during town hall meeting on, Thursday, Sept. 13.

The Associated Students voiced its support for the winter intercession and answered student’s questions regarding new three semester calendar and other academic issues at a meeting held in the Creveling Lounge on Sept. 13.

Some of the issues raised at the meeting by students were the difficulties of meeting with a counselor, the Associated Students position on the winter intersession, and advice with financial aid.

When asked their stance on the winter intersession by a student they voiced their support for it.

“We support the winter intersession until proven otherwise,” said Simon Fraser, Associated Students president.

“I think we understand the issues students are facing,” said Fraser.

The meeting featured a financial aid representative Tony Smith giving student’s information and answering any questions students had. Smith advised students to fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid before Jan. 1.

A student in attendance brought up the difficulties of meeting with a counselor.

“We are in the process of planning a counselor workshop,” said Myra Whittington, AS vice president for student services.

The tax increase ballot measure Proposition 30 in the November ballot was also addressed. Andrew Bott, AS vice president for business affairs discussed what happen if Proposition 30 passed.

“In our most recent Budget and Resource Allocation Committee meeting we have two predictions if Proposition 30 passes or not, Proposition 30 would not go into effect immediately. We could assume if Proposition 30 passed they could give us the very minimum,” said Bott.

Student Trustee Hanna Israel advised students to look ahead and get an educational plan.

“The biggest thing that students should be worried about is which classes I’m taking to get out of here and if that class is going to be offered in these subsequent [semesters] summer one, summer two. It is all about looking at your Ed plan,” said Israel.

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