The Associated Students Executive Board has voted to turn both the second and fourth meetings of the month into study sessions while the first and third meetings will be moved to the Circadian Lounge during the winter intersession as a test run.Modeled after the Board of Trustees’ study session meetings at the Community Education Center, the meetings were turned into study sessions in order to encourage interaction. Unlike other meetings, the study sessions do not include taking action on a budget item.

“It allows for fluid dialogue,” said Student Trustee Nolan Pack. “We can get creative and talk about things without having to take action on them.”

The process of public comment will remain the same, but the format will allow for up front discussion. In addition, Associated Students President Jamie Hammond stressed that because of the change, resolutions and approvals will have to be taken to the board sooner than later.

“It’ll change the culture of procrastination,” said Hammond during the meeting. “We’re going to have to push to get things in on time.”

In addition to the changes, the first and third Wednesdays will turn into action meetings — meaning, the meetings will allow for a decision on an item. In addition, the location will be moved into the Circadian Lounge

Student Chris Fennessy put his input in saying that AS would seem “more bureaucratic and that students will see AS as less accessible.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Hannah Israel, vice president of sustainability. “Especially for contentious agenda items.

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