After 18 months of delay, construction of a building that will house multiple classrooms and offices has finally begun. The demolition of the former T and K buildings is the first step in a process that will allow for the construction of the new Center for the Arts.The project, expected to be completed by December 2012, is funded through the voter-approved Measure “P”. The total cost of the project is an estimated $30 million.

Although the perimeter of the site is blocked off by a only a fence, Director of Measure “P” Projects Jack Schulman said that the effects of the demolition will not cause harm to students walking near the surrounding areas of the site.

“There will be no health hazards to students during construction. At times, there might be some dust caused by the winds, but that would be it,” said Schulman.

In addition to the occasional dust particles that may affect students in nearby classrooms, Schulman predicts that the noise level of the demolition will be minimal. “The impact [of noise] to students will be similar to that experienced during the construction of the I.T. and Campus Center buildings, which is not a lot,” said Schulman.

Students anticipate the construction of the Center for the Arts building; particularly those interested in theater and music.

“I am looking forward to the center’s construction. I think more students will want to become involved with acting once they see a new and modern theater to host shows,” said student Jesse Del Aguila, communications.

Students seeking to declare a major are encouraged by the construction of the building, as it may provoke an interest in the courses that will be held at the center.

“I am hoping that the center will provide a much larger area for musicians to play their instruments. I have seen where the music building is at now and it did not impress me. It looks too small so a new building will help,” said student Mishi Akopian, undeclared.

Once construction is finished, PCC will expect to see a contemporary three-story building that will accommodate the performing and communication arts division, and the visual arts and media studies division. In addition to classrooms and practice rooms, an art gallery, recital hall, and the black box theater will also be included in the center.

For more information on the construction of the Center for the Arts, students may visit

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