An 18-year-old Pasadena man pleaded not guilty this week to a murder charge after prosecutors alleged that he shot a PCC nursing student to death earlier this month, according to a court official.

Jonjon Crummie surrendered to police and was arrested on Feb. 17 at a medical center after Pasadena Police announced that he was a suspect in the slaying of 19-year-old Irais Acosta. Crummie faces one count of murder with the special allegation that he used a handgun. He was charged last week and entered his not guilty plea on Tuesday.

Close friends and family somberly waited for the arraignment at the Pasadena Courthouse on Tuesday. Eva Acosta, Irais’s mother, insisted that Crummie was guilty of killing her daughter and said she believes Crummie will try to use an insanity defense.

“He is trying to put forward the story that he is not mentally stable,” said Angel Olvera, who was translating for Acosta. “Obviously he was mentally stable enough to know what he was doing and to run away and turn himself in.”

Alexandra Kazarian, a public defender representing Crummie, would not comment on her client’s plea when reached by the Courier Wednesday.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Crummie on March 19, according to a court official.


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