When looking at a college student’s budget, it becomes apparent that expensive furniture is the last thing they’ll be able to afford. Instead, to achieve the same look, students can go to PCC’s flea market, held on the first Sunday of every month.Flea markets are a tradition that have passed down since the time farmers and craftsmen traded their goods and services.
Like a simple farmer or merchant college students need cheap goods to decorate their living space.

After locating a vendor, it is time to actually inspect the merchandise. Look at it carefully and catch any flaws now because this vendor may not be back next time.

Hugo Madrigal, 30, a communications major who has attended the PCC flea market in the past, said he once purchased a little ottoman from a vendor for $15. He had to reupholster the ottoman himself, but he thought it was a good purchase.

Madrigal, who has also attended other flea markets such as the one at the Rose Bowl, said that he thinks the PCC flea market is better because it caters to the students.

Look at the merchandise with a different mindset. A barrel or simple black box could double as not just storage but seating as well.

The funky fabric with Donald Duck could be either curtains or a nice bedspread.

Flea markets are known for one thing above all else, haggling.

Haggling tips are offered at the website www.lovetoknow.com. Start off by offering only half of the maximum price.

Do not accept the first price thrown out by the vendor.

Instead, offer something a bit more than the first offer.

Eventually the two prices should meet somewhere in the middle. Stop there unless a possibility of an extra small item could be thrown into the deal.

This is optimal for interior design seeing if an extra knick knack could add personality to a room.

The income generated by the flea market goes towards scholarships for PCC students. Contact the PCC Flea Market information line at (626) 585-7906 for more information.

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