The 2013 winter intersession will not be cancelled if a Thursday decision by a key committee is upheld.

            The Calendar Committee unanimously approved a four-semester academic calendar proposal on Thursday.

According to Committee Co-chairman and Vice President of Student Services Robert Bell, the vote debunked the “misquoted” information in the Board of Trustees minutes from its March 7 meeting, which incorrectly stated the Calendar Committee approved a trimester calendar proposal.

            Many faculty members were angered by the misquotation, including Graphics and Engineering Instructor David Cuatt, who said he could not trust the information given on the college website. “We already have imaginary information on the record, why should I trust what I’m told?” Cuatt said at the meeting.

 According to Social Sciences instructor Philip Ricards, approval of the trimester proposal was “a bold face untruth that was never told to us in the first place. [The calendar] is a negotiable item [for the union].”

            Bell explained there was much misinformation in the minutes. “I apologize for that error, that was a mistake,” he said.

The recommendation to exclude winter intersession hadn’t been discussed or planned previously by the Calendar Committee, said Bell. “We recommend this calendar to go forth to the College Council for approval, which includes a winter intersession, meaning there are no changes to the academic calendar,” he said.

            The four-semester academic calendar was carefully reviewed one more time as suggested by Calendar Committee Co-chairwoman Krista Walter before voted on unanimously. “The administration talked about [the trimester proposal] informally, but everyone’s talking about it,” she said.

            The four-semester calendar will go to the College Council for its consideration on April 25.


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