Students huddled around booths as university day made its way to the mirror pools on campus. Banners and music surrounded the atmosphere, attracting passersby as well as those aware of the event. From stickers to boat races, students had the chance to win prizes as they walked along the crowd gathering brochures and lanyards from universities of their interest.

University day grants students the opportunity to speak to representatives to help find the university that best suits them. They offer the convenience of being able to answer on the spot questions such as how to apply, how many credits needed in order to transfer, or even just information on the university itself.

Ryan Wong, a first year engineering major, talks about the information he found beneficial for himself.

“I learned a lot of information from the colleges that were pretty useful in terms of transferring,” Wong said. “Like the University of Hawaii, only 2.5 GPA and 24 units; so after this year I can leave and apply or stick around and get more credits for other colleges.”

Although for some other first year students, their plans for transferring are still in the works.

Biological sciences major, Fabiana Paredes, discusses the overwhelming process of university day.

“I didn’t learn anything, well not right now,” Paredes said. “Maybe because I didn’t have the proper questions. I don’t know what to ask and I don’t know where to start.

The information available to students on university day is helpful for those first timers who need help deciding, but it is also valuable to those who have already done their research and are attending to gain more insight and expand their options.

Hoping to see Oregon State on campus, Jennifer Zepeda, a second year art major, was a bit disappointed to see that it wasn’t available. However, she remained searching and did find one other university that sparked her interest.

“For the one I’m trying to go to, you don’t really need anything so I should just apply for it,” Zepeda said. “So overall I did get one, which was the Art Center, so hopefully that one’s going to work.”

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