Just down the street from the Pasadena City College (PCC) main campus resides the Child Development Center. Not many know where the center is, what its purpose is, and how and why they are connected to PCC.

That was the goal of hosting the women’s volleyball team on Wednesday, April 24 at the Child Development Center (CDC) and the women’s volleyball team hosting the senior preschool kids at the gym on Thursday, April 25.

James Membreno/ Courier
Finnbar Pepple and Emily Ramirez practice volleyball on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at the Child Development Center on the Pasadena City College Campus.

The director of the CDC, Brenda Trejo, and the women’s volleyball coach, Mike Terrill, had the same goal. Their shared goal is to make the CDC known to PCC and to make sure that the kids attending the CDC know how to live a healthy life while having fun with it.

The first step to this goal was playing volleyball with the senior preschool kids not only at the CDC but also at the the gym on the main campus as well. Senior preschool teacher Margie Casini made it clear that she wants the two places to feel close together and make connection.

“I think it’s just having that connection, that umbrella of seeing that we’re from child development and then we’re going to the big school where they actually can learn,” said Casini.

James Membreno/ Courier
Tehya Topalian and Finnbar Pepple practice spiking a ball on Thursday April 25, 2019 at the Hutto-Patterson Gym.

With volleyball coach Mike Terrill making the first approach, both him and Trejo are hoping this event leads to a domino effect of other coaches and clubs doing the same thing.

“We have 16 sports through our athletic department and we’re not going to be selfish with the idea. We love to share this with anybody who is interested, I think it’d be great,” said Terrill.

James Membreno/ Courier
Enoch Simpson and Mike Terrill talk on Wednesday, April 24 2019 at the Child Development Center on the Pasadena City College Campus.

Although the kids were having fun playing with the colorful balls that are usually in a tall cage that you see at Walmart, what seemed to be to main outcome of the event was to have a connection and relationship between the CDC and PCC.

Many students, faculty members and professors have students that are enrolled at the CDC so it is important for the two to be connected to each other.

“I think the connection with campus is very important and it’s a resource that we can use with our children,” Trejo said. “They are such a great resource for our children. Other daycares and other child care centers don’t have that kind of resource and the fact that we have this resource where we have experts that can come in and teach our teachers and our children different aspects of different things,” said Trejo.

Hoping that they can make this a monthly thing, the CDC and coach Terrill are making the first steps into building that relationship with the PCC campus.

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