Top financial advisor and pedophile Cardinal George Pell faces up to 50 years to life in prison in Melbourne, Australia for molesting two choir boys in the 1990’s. All the while Pope Francis and the Catholic church scramble to cover up the sexual assault of the day until the next molestation scandal makes headlines.

According to USA Today, the news came after Francis held a summit on sex abuse and how to better respond to victims.

“The time has come to find a correct equilibrium of all values in play and to provide uniform directives for the Church,” Francis said during the summit. “Avoiding the two extremes of a ‘justicialism’ provoked by guilt for past errors and media pressure, and a defensiveness that fails to confront the causes and effects of these grave crimes.”

The culture of pedophilia in the Catholic church wasn’t provoked by “justicialism” or media frenzy.

The fact that the Catholic church is now holding annual summits on how to prevent child abuse in the church is ridiculous and ironic. How about not creating any victims to begin with?

The church’s leadership and priest betrayed their followers and violated them physically and emotionally taking advantage of their position in our communities and must be brought to justice without any regard for their position in the church.

Unfortunately, demoting, transferring and protecting pedophiles has been the job of the Catholic church, and its only concern is its future and the loss of followers around the world.

“Last week, Francis defrocked former U.S. cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, after Vatican officials found him guilty of sex crimes against minors and adults,” Doug Stanglin wrote in US Today. “McCarrick is the most senior Catholic official to be defrocked for such crimes.”

If the most senior officials are allowed to go without being legally prosecuted, then how serious is the church about rooting out pedophilia among their flock?

Francis doesn’t care for the victims whose lives were affected by the clergy; if he cared for the future of the church and victims of sexual assault, he’d make immediate changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“Since the clergy abuse scandal first exploded onto the scene in the United States in 2002, the Vatican has seen cases emerge in nearly every corner of the world,” The Washington Post reported. “Thousands of priests have been disciplined by the Holy See, but even that figure doesn’t account for the scale of the problem.”

The Vatican and the pedophiles it has harvested worldwide for decades must be stopped and brought to justice. The figures provided by the Catholic church will never account for the scale of the problem if governments allow the church to destroy evidence that can put the pedophiles in jail.

The reputation and trust of the Catholic church has been tarnished by its clergy, not by the victims. With thousands of priests accused, arrested and prosecuted it’s safe to say the church brought this upon itself by not fully cooperating with authorities while destroying documents of sexual crimes reported to the Vatican.

Francis and all other culprits must cooperate with authorities and provide documents reporting the sexual assaults to minors in the church, if they truly want us to think they care.

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