Nicole Sebergandio/Courier Pictured is Yes Chef Socal’s macaroni and cheese dish at their booth at the Event Rockit Food Market held at the Paseo on Saturday November 11th 2017.

Pasadena has always presented fun and memorable events to it’s local residents but this weekend it brought another that was quite delicious. The Tasty Food Market was the event that I was more than happy to check out. This food-based swap meet had a wide selection of food including Indian, sushi, Greek, Mexican, good old smoothies and ribs. There was a lot to choose from but everything I tried was not disappointing.

It was a perfect cloudy weekend for this food event as it was hosted outside, off Colorado Boulevard in front of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. This event was even more fortunate for attendees of Designer Con, an art convention that was taking place at the civic auditorium.

Taking my time with eating and trying as many vendors as I could, I was able to try out the ones that looked most appetizing.

The Indian food stand, Poojas Cuisine of India, was my first pick and one of my favorites. Usually Indian restaurants give out the typical white rice but this time it had rice with red sauce and veggies mixed into it, which had a nice soft flavor to it.

This style was way better than the typical white rice. Their garbanzo curry was one of my favorites. This dish was a creamy curry mix with garbanzos. Eating this meal with their naan bread and unique rice was definitely something to try again. I would say if they had a spicy option or spicy dish, that would have really topped it off.

An attendee of Designer Con named John Reyes tried Indian food for the first time while at the market, sampling chicken biryani, a curry meat dish at Pooja’s.

“I like it. There’s a lot of spices in it. Really different from other kinds of food I tried,” said Reyes.

There were two drink stands that I got to try including Erva, a yerba mate drink blend company that gives you a reusable glass bottle with every drink purchase. They had a few flavors, including hibiscus, strawberry, lime and ginger. I went with the hibiscus lemon and it was perfect. Yerba mate is good as it is, but the hibiscus gave it such a good flavor and not a strong one too. It was really refreshing and not too sweet. The glass bottle was also refillable with a smaller fee.

Energy Smoothie Bar was my favorite to try. They served their fresh squeezed juice or smoothie into a plastic light bulb cup that had fun lights flashing in the bottom and top. I got the Berry Delish which was a blend of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry. This had a nice sweet taste to it and the bottle just made it a lot better.

Crystal Ruelas, fellow market attendee, didn’t quite agree. “I enjoyed it, I feel like it had a really good flavor but personally for me, I notice an after taste. It seemed artificial or some kind of sweetener added to it,” said Ruelas.

One spot that seemed pretty popular was Los Colorines Latin Cuisine. I personally didn’t try this vendor because I don’t eat meat but one attendee by the name of Bryan Garland, was munching on some nacho cheese with beef.

“They gave me a lot. It’s really good though. I was expecting it to be a smaller portion and there was a lot of cheese on it too,” he told me. He offered to let me try some but I politely declined.

Besides meals and drinks, the vendor called Sweetfire’s Roasted Nuts had a variety of nuts roasted on site with a sugar coating. I really enjoyed their cashews. They had a mellow sweet taste to them with a nice crunch. However, I didn’t enjoy their peanuts. It was a spicier flavor that wasn’t actually spicy. That was a bit disappointing because it didn’t have much flavor as well.

Not all food vendors can be the best but I did really enjoy this event overall. With all the different types of food that was made at Tasty Food Market this past weekend, all of them had a unique style and character. The meals were great, the prices were not too bad and the weather was perfect. This was another enjoyable event that was presented in the city of Pasadena.



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