The Piazza, PCC’s main cafeteria, is undergoing changes to adopt a new food vendor as early as March— following the termination of food services on campus by the current contracting company, Sodexo, in December of 2022. 

Even though the replacement vendor has not yet been decided, preparation to make changes is currently ongoing. Four potential food vendors— Primo Nosh, PFD Management, Inc., Thomas Cuisine, and Genuine Foods attended a mandatory pre-proposal conference and job-walk.

The vendors are encouraged to present their business proposals to the committee. The committee— who is made up of members of the student body, faculty and staff, and management association, will then hold interviews for the corresponding vendors and decide what vendor should be awarded.

“We have Sodexo until March 6th,” said Darlene Inda, Executive Director of Business Services. “Our goal and intent is to get authorization by the board to award a vendor in the February agenda to have an immediate start date for the new vendor in March.”

There could possibly be a gap in service at the Piazza, but that would temporarily be fulfilled. 

“I imagine we might be without food services for a couple of weeks and we do have alternate services in place for that time,” Inda said. “Whether that’s food trucks or grab n’ go items, we’re trying to get creative to make sure students have [food] services in place during that time.”

Inda also added that the Piazza’s recent hour changes as of January 12 were not decided by the college, but instead by the vendor as it is their right to adjust hours as they see fit based on student attendance in the cafe.

Student thoughts arise in regards to the matter— some seem hopeful for the new change, looking forward to any new food items or better quality meals that can attract a bigger crowd in the Piazza cafeteria. 

“If we had new food I would want to try something different,” Kevin Frescas, a second year student said. “I think it would be better.” 

Other students are hesitant in supporting the upcoming transition due to the costs of meals and concerns the new vendors may bring heightened costs.

“I’m scared having new food might increase prices and right now it’s pretty cheap,” first year student Allison Hua said. “I usually get a bagel and it’s like two dollars. We’re getting more bang for our buck right now.” 

Authorization to award a food vendor and for PCC to receive a potential start date is likely  to be on the Board of Trustees February agenda for their review.

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