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The Pasadena City College (PCC) Student Health Services (SHS) has procured four presentations to advise students about relevant health topics and the options available to them.

SHS health educators Nairy Tatlian and Vir Vergel de Dios give the lectures to better inform students of the programs at SHS that are included with tuition and allow PCC faculty to reserve time for the presentations during class hours.

The four presentations include general information and services offered at Student Health Services, eight individual aspects of retaining personal well-being, de-stressing and how to avoid it as well as a sexual health presentation that includes information on birth control.

The eight dimensions of wellness presentation focuses on specific facets of human well-being. Students will become cognizant of the eight dimensions and learn how to incorporate them into daily life. Students will be taught to focus on emotional, occupational, physical, social, environmental, spiritual, intellectual and financial aspects of their life and how to harness them to optimize personal processes.

“It’s important, every student should know what the eight dimensions of wellness looks like,” said Vergel de Dios.

Each of the eight dimensions have a multitude of tips to guide students and make personal well-being more manageable and understandable. Some of the tips include appreciating yourself, consistently updating your resume, eating and exercising regularly, proper sleeping habits, making time for friends and family, spending time outdoors, interacting with nature, making hobbies and keeping budgets. Many of these well-being tips assist with maintaining personal health while also building a structural foundation for good habits with the goal of also limiting stress.

Dr. Richard Beyer, counseling psychologist at PCC’s Personal Counseling Services (PCS) attempts to see patients in a manner reflective of PCC’s demographics. Most students seen by Beyer come in for stressors not related to school, however, college exacerbates much of the problems that stem from outside pressures.

“95 percent of the stress comes from, there’s chaos at home. Very few students come in as, I’m so worried about my test coming up,” Beyer emphasized. “A lot of them, it’s stress on the outside.”

SHS’s de-stressing presentation attempts to alleviate outside stressors that inflict many students by mediating the preventative process and forming a base that allows students to fall back on a solid bedrock of good habits and personal accountability.

“We have one on de-stressing and getting rest, which we like to do around midterms or final time,” explained Tatlian. “Because we educate students on how to de-stress, how to have time management and balance.”

The final presentation organized for students involves sexual health and birth control. According to Vergel de Dios the presentation outlines the many birth control options available, highlights safe and healthy sexual health activities and prevention methods for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Both Tatlian and Vergel de Dios are open to working with professors on special topics that they feel will assist students and are willing to tailor the presentations specific to what professors want.

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