With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations decreasing, the city of Pasadena and PCC are working to build on this trend and encourage vaccine distribution in their communities.

According to the Pasadena Public Health Department, 79.3 percent of Pasadenans have been given one dose of the vaccine, with 64.2 percent being fully vaccinated. Only 2 new cases have been reported as of Thursday, May 20th.

Pasadena residents are able to get shots at a number of locations in the city, mainly at pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

The increase in administered vaccines and decrease in COVID-19 cases has allowed Pasadena, along with all of LA County, to be placed in the yellow tier, the least restrictive tier in California.

When the state of California announced plans to keep mask guidelines until June 15th, Pasadena said they would stick with California’s plan.

“From the start of the pandemic, data and science have guided Pasadena’s response to COVID-19. That continues to be true when it comes to vaccines,” the city’s website says. “Pasadena continues to distribute and administer vaccine doses as quickly and equitably as possible.”

The city has been encouraging residents to get the vaccine, promoting it on social media accounts, and offering resources on their website.

Meanwhile on Colorado Boulevard, PCC has been active in sharing any COVID-19 related information and resources. The college has been writing weekly COVID-19 updates since February 2020, which give informed details on vaccinations, infection rates, and other information.

PCC has stated that they will not be requiring vaccines for students or employees, citing ethical power concerns and legal haziness.

“Requiring vaccinations of students or employees- and enforcing those requirements- mandates the collection and dissemination of information that members of our community may not be comfortable sharing,” the college wrote on their FAQ. “It also necessitates putting PCC employees in positions of authority that conflict with existing reporting structures. Moreover, the legal basis for vaccine mandates at community college levels has not been established.”

In order to circumvent the spread, a list of recommendations have been created by the COVID-19 Transition Task Force. This 67 page document includes guidelines involving mask-wearing, social distancing, and other important protocols. PCC has stated they intend to follow the guidelines “as appropriate.”

Alex Boekelheide, PCC Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing strongly encourages getting vaccinations, and says that efforts are being made to ensure its availability to the PCC community

“We want to urge all of our students and employees to do the responsible thing and get vaccinated. We are working at all levels of the public health response to bring vaccines to our populations, and we’ll have more to announce on that in the next few weeks or months.”

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