PCC students are concerned over softening pandemic guidelines, worrying how the reversal of the mask mandate will be implemented. Will it bring positive or negative impact? And can people be trusted to be truthful about getting the vaccine?

The Center for Disease Control announced that all individuals who are fully vaccinated can now do outside activities without using masks, except where it is required by businesses or the law, with no need of staying 6 feet away.

Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance,” said the CDC.

According to the CDC data, in the U.S., around 61.3% of American adults have received at least 1 COVID-19 vaccine dose and about 49.6% are fully vaccinated.

PCC student James Reyna believes that the mask lifting is too soon, but understands the reasoning behind the new CDC guidelines.

“Although I believe it was too soon to lift mask mandates, I understand why they decided to take this course of action. With mask mandates lifted, the government is sending a strong message that America is toward the tail end of this pandemic. With the mask being a symbol of quarantine and the virus, lifting the mask mandates paves the way to a return to our pre-pandemic lifestyles,” said Reyna.

California plans to follow the new CDC mask lifting regulation until June 15.

Mask usage has been an everyday life routine since about a year ago, so for some individuals, there isn’t a hurry in removing them, especially if it means that there is still a possibility of reducing the chances of spreading the virus.

PCC student Kevin Palacios believes that there is no rush on lifting masks guidelines since most people have all been accustomed to them and it can hold on to them a little longer.

“I think we should wait a little longer when it comes to removing our masks. We have done it for so long. What is the harm in going a couple more weeks or even months? What will result from the current mandate will be confusion. I will continue wearing my mask out of respect to those I might pose a risk to in the public sphere,” said Palacios.

Furthermore, there is also the concern of how CDC authorities will monitor those who are vaccinated and those who are not while walking in a public setting.

“I am against the new CDC regulation because there are a lot of people that will take advantage and will go outside without a mask. It will be very difficult to control who is vaccinated and who is not, with those individuals that have no mask,” said first year student Natalia Paola Torres Sanchez.

With more than a year of a pandemic, students are eager to go back to the classroom but still want to take precautions. Therefore, the concerns of students with new regulations from the CDC, worry them that it may lead to repercussions that would retreat rather than move forward.

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