Everyone’s path towards success leads differently. Dionne B. Shelton, current President of Associated Students, discovered hers after she was overseen for a promotion at her previous job. She had the skills and built relationships but lacked the degree. Frustrated with being overlooked because of nepotism, Shelton began her journey at Pasadena City College and discovered her leadership capabilities.

“Leadership is where I belonged, I was excelling and everything felt so natural to me,” said Shelton.

Shelton, 30, entered PCC Fall 2015 intending to major in fashion. She was the Inter Club Council representative for the fashion club and then the president of the fashion club. Her opportunities to represent the club made her realize that she thrived as a leader. Shelton then challenged herself as Executive Vice President for Associated Students last school year and currently finds herself as this year’s President.

“My professors, they believe in me,” Shelton said. “My advisors, they believe in me. The people that I have come into contact believe in me. I want to do that for the future.”

Shelton credits much of her success to all of the encouragement she receives from PCC professors and advisors. She experiences firsthand how support can steer a student’s path for the better, and she wants to return that favor for future generations.

Shelton switched her major from fashion to sociology with a new goal in mind. She plans on completing her Bachelor’s degree in sociology and earning a Master’s degree in education. She dreams of attending the University of California, Davis next fall.

Shelton’s long term plan is to become a principal and open up a school where she would ensure that no student feels inadequate. Her school would encourage everyone from all walks of life, all skin tones, to come together and learn in a safe environment.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like, you’ll feel comfortable,” said Shelton. “The person that is teaching represents you and looks like you, understands what you go through.”

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