Construction for the Sarafian Building, otherwise known as the U Building is underway.

The Natural Science and Health division has been displaced for 9 years, when the U building was considered unsafe and classes were relocated to the Science Village.

In 2012 the college received notice that the building was structurally unsound and at risk of collapse during an earthquake. It was red-tagged and had been [uninhabitable] ever since,” Alex Boekelheide, the special assistant to the superintendent/president said.

The building construction will be financed by the state bond funds from prop 51 as well as the funds for construction at PCC Boekelheide had said.

“When completely reconstructed and refinished, the new facility will house labs, classrooms, and offices for the Health Sciences and Natural Sciences divisions,” as stated on the PCC website.

PCC also plans to bolster the Health and Science divisions with the Advancing Science campaign which is chaired by Rob Floe and co-chaired by Charmayne Mills Ealy.

The money will be used for fixtures, furniture, equipment, programming and scholarships for the health and science divisions.

The Keck Biotechnology Program has given PCC a $1,000,000 grant towards expanding a Diverse Biotechnology Workforce in Cell-Based Biomanufacturing, the grant is a part of the three year program and is the leading contribution for the Advancing Science Campaign.

It’s an honor for me to be able to chair the campaign. Education is one of the key parts of our society to promote equality, opportunity, and a fully prepared workforce, and with this campaign, the College’s science divisions will be able to provide the best education for students,” Floe said.

The completion of the U building is set for 2023.


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